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What is AppLike?

AppLike recommends game apps that match your preferences. You’ll be rewarded for trying out our app recommendations in form of fantastic bonuses or PayPal-payouts. AppLike is now available on Google Play.

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Your apps will thank you.

Awesome rewards according to your choice.

Our apps rejoice your interest. Therefore For each app recommendation you try out you will get rewarded as a thank you.

Collecting fun for your phone.

In AppLike apps and rewards shall be fun. That is why we don’t use complicated models: If you use our recommended apps, you collect mCoins. Exchange the mCoins for your favourite rewards – that easy.

With AppLike you discover only the apps
that really suit you. You don’t believe us?
Give it a try!

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They trust us already:

Oval 1

„I am amazed. Applike makes better app-suggestions than my friends.“

-Susanne Opiz-
Oval 1

„WOW! I was skeptical at the beginning, but it’s working”

-Nike Lein-
Oval 1

„Cool. Like a bonus program for apps.“

-Mustafa X.-

Oval 1

“Finding Apps at its best. I’ve already been rewarded two times. Awesome!“

-Alexander Freia-

How AppLike works: