Fresh Drinks & Food

Never feel hungry. For a perfect start to your day, we offer you different cereals every week. We also have fresh fruits, a large variety of snacks and sweets and of course a cool range of cold drinks, fresh coffee and tea. On top of this you receive a monthly lunch benefit of 70€!


You’re sporty and would like to stay healthy? We would like to support you with this. With different sports events or workouts, we master the challenge together. Applike also pays full membership for our partner gym.

Flexible working times

The way you work best… You can choose your working times the way you feel most comfortable with.

Free choice for hardware and software

You know which tools work for you best; therefore we give you the choice which hardware and software you use.

Brownbag Sessions, Hackathons & Meetups

For us it is important that we look beyond and into the future. Therefore we will support you to bring in new ideas & try them and of course share them with your colleagues. To keep you up to date, we have regular Brownbag sessions, Hackathons & Meetups about different topics.

Wealth building

Thinking about your future… We support your capital-forming plans, so you can look bright into your future.


Our modern office gives you alternative and calm working spaces, but it also gives you places for your free time in relaxing areas. In a short break you can play table football, or we’ll spend after work together with public viewing.

Trainings budget for language courses, coaching, courses, etc.

You would like to receive career training. We give you the chance to go the next step in your career. Our training budget is available for coaching, language courses, specialist courses, etc.

Team events

Work hard, party harder. In regular team events we celebrate our success.

Business Trips

Out of the office! Once a year we pack our bags and go on a holiday together, business trips will be taking place as well.

Lunch Lottery

You want to get to know each other better and get to know what your colleagues do. In our lunch lottery, the lottery ticket decides who you go to lunch with. Every month Applike invites you to a free lottery lunch with your colleagues.

Profi Card

We want you to come to work and get back home in a relaxed way, therefore we support you with the costs for the HVV-Proficard.

Company Breakfast

Once a month we all have breakfast together, look back on the past month and look forward to the challenges that await us in the coming months.


Your dog is waiting eagerly at home for you. You can bring your four-legged friend can come to the office and keep his master at work.

Starter paket

Every start can be difficult. The first days can be stressful and you’ll have to find your way around. With our starter pack we would like to give you important information and a few little giveaways, so you feel welcome in your new Applike family.

Relocation compensation

Moving for Applike to Hamburg. We will support you with your move to Hamburg.