GameGurus @Applike

AppLike has an open door policy, but at Partnerships team we keep our door mostly closed. This isn’t because we’re not open, quite the contrary, We just do it because we’re too loud! 

Anyone who knows us, know that we’re extremely direct, and aim to have fun in whatever we do. That’s why when it came to hosting an event for our partners it was important for us to skip the formalities and business jargon and instead to focus on getting to know the people behind the brands. We opted for GameGurus, a two day event in our incredible hometown of Hamburg, where we could get to know each other in a more personal setting. Although we would obviously have loved to have more of our partners at GameGurus, our office size constraints meant we could host only 25 wonderful professionals from some of our top European partners, such as Playrix, King, Moon Active, Goodgames, Zimad, Murka, Innogames, Zeptolab, GSN and others. 

Our intention with GameGurus was about creating a relaxed and casual environment, where a variety and depth of knowledge and insights flowed freely, enabling our guests to learn from each other and for us to learn from them. 

Thanks to our amazing partners, all the presentations and talks that were held turned into casual group discussions and everyone interacted with each other as friends rather than competitors. 

The topics our partners chose to discuss during the event included an insight into growth through direct partnerships, KPIs and future strategies to consider, growing older games with live operations, monetisation strategies, creative optimisations and holiday season UA, to name a few. It was exciting for us to be able to host some of the top performers in the industry and observe how fast our company has grown to being one of the top contenders in the Performance Marketing industry today. 

When we weren’t discussing interesting topics related to mobile gaming, we were enjoying the many attractions our city has to offer. Apart from showing everyone around by tour bus, we also visited a Weihnachtsmarkt (traditional German Christmas market), went to the largest funfair in Germany and enjoyed exceptional food and drink in some of Hamburgs top restaurants and bars.

On behalf of the Strategic Partnerships team it was a pleasure to meet you all. It was our first time hosting such an event and we are really proud of how it went and the new bonds we formed with our partners as a result. We’re already looking forward to seeing everyone again next year!

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