Privacy AppLike, As of: 27.06.2016

The App (hereinafter referred to as the AppLike“) is provided and operated by AppLike GmbH (hereinafter referred to as the “us” or "we"). You can find more detailed information on the Provider in the App’s imprint.

Because we care about protecting your privacy while using AppLike, we want to use the information below to help you understand what personal data we collect, when you use AppLike, and how we use it. You can access this privacy policy at any time under the rubric "Imprint" within the app.

Responsible body / contact

Responsible body in terms of data protection laws is the AppLike GmbH, 22769 Hamburg.

If you have any questions or suggestions about privacy, you can contact either by mail (AppLike GmbH, Stresemannstraße 29, 22769 Hamburg) or by e-mail us at the address

Collection and use of your data

We use your data without your separate consent to fulfill and process the contract for the use of AppLike. In this context, we use your data primarily to calculate and pay for the bonuses you have earned while using AppLike and to inform you about apps participating in AppLike. Any further use shall only be made on the basis of other statutory obligations or permits or if you have given us consent.

Login and use of AppLike / Facebook or Google+ Login

To use AppLike, you must log in. To log in, you must enter the following data:

Your data is SSL encrypted and thus securely transmitted. If you choose to log in automatically, the password will be stored with SHA encryption to protect your privacy.

Alternatively, you can log in with your Facebook or Google+ login. An additional registration is not required. To register, you will be redirected to the page of Facebook or Google, where you can log in with your usage data. This will automatically get the following information from Facebook or Google:

These information are mandatory to identify you.

The use of the Facebook or Google+ login can lead to your personal data being collected by Facebook or Google as well as possibly transmitted outside of the EU / EEA and possibly also stored and used there. These data collections and uses are the responsibility of Facebook or Google. The exact handling of the data by Facebook or Google is unknown to us. For more information about these services and any privacy settings provided by the provider, please refer to the privacy policy and terms of use of Facebook or Google.

Usage data

Through AppLike we collect and store certain data automatically. This includes both the IP address assigned to your device, as well as IMEI and Android, Device and Google Advertiser ID, which we need for the transmission of the content you have requested (eg texts, images, games and product information, as well as downloads provided files, etc.), as well as information about the use of AppLike, such as the device used, the version of the operating system, the type of browser used and the date and time of use. On the one hand, we use this data in order to be able to unambiguously identify you, and on the other hand, if necessary, in anonymous form for the optimized presentation and needs-based composition of AppLike.

Registration / creation of a user account

In order to enjoy all the features of AppLike, and in particular to benefit from the bonus payments, you must register to use AppLike by setting up a user account. The registration therefore serves both the provision of the services of AppLike and the settlement of the bonuses you have earned. As part of the registration process, we collect and store certain personal information about you. This is done by creating a customer account.

This includes the following information:

Calculation of bonus payments / Suggestion of new apps

To calculate the bonuses you have earned, as well as to suggest other apps that are affiliated with AppLike based on your previous app preferences, we automatically collect and process certain data. This includes information about the apps installed on your device. When installing AppLike, a list of currently installed apps will be sent to us; If you install additional apps on your device after installing AppLike, they will be recognized by AppLike and the name of the newly installed app will be sent to us.

On the other hand, we collect data about the use of apps running in the foreground on your device. This includes information on the amount of time that is used and (to prevent misuse) about the display and movement activity during use. We also collect information about your purchases of services and virtual items as part of the apps you use (in-app purchases), as well as in-app events relevant to your bonuses, such as level increases.

Processing of bonus payments

In order to pay out the bonus payments you have earned, we use your payment data provided during registration. This can be a PayPal, another online or a conventional bank account.

Contact Area

In the contact area of the app you can contact us by e-mail. Your e-mail address will be forwarded to us. Which data you additionally provide to us in the context of the contact, you can decide for yourself

Consent in commercial use / revocation of consent

Under certain circumstances, you have given us the following consent for the commercial use of your data:

"I hereby confirm that AppLike uses the following information for personalized advertising for apps that are available in our app and via system messages.

The data is linked to the user's device via Android and Device ID. I can revoke this consent at any time. "

Under certain circumstances, you have also given us the following consent to the commercial use of your data:

In addition, I agree that G + J informs me by means of e-mail, text message, instant message and - if activated - system notification based on my user behavior and the determined app preferences on offers from the area of apps and gaming from providers whose apps available in AppLike."

In such case, we will use the information specified in your consent in accordance with your consent.

You can revoke your consent at any time with effect for the future by contacting us either by post (AppLike GmbH, Stresemannstraße 29, 22769 Hamburg) or by e-mail A use of AppLike is then possibly no longer possible.

Authorizations to access functions and data on the device

To enjoy all the features of AppLike, you must grant AppLike permissions to access features and data on your device. Specifically, the following requests are required for the stated purposes:

Separately, you have also granted us the following authorization:

"AppLike wants to do the following: Use SID and LSID cookies to access all your Google Account information. "

We may use this access only to gain access to your Google Wallet. We use the data held in it to track your in-app purchases, as well as to calculate the bonus payments you have earned and to suggest new apps to you (see section 2.4).

In addition, we will use the granted authorizations exclusively for the aforementioned purposes, even if a granted authorization (eg for technical reasons) theoretically opens up further possibilities of use. You can usually undo a given authorization in the settings of your device at any time (although this depends on your device and the operating system, which we have no influence on).

Disclosure of data

A transfer of your personal data without your express prior consent, in addition to the other mentioned in this Privacy Policy cases only in the following cases:

E-mail marketing measures

The customer has the right to object to the use of his e-mail address specified in the registration in connection with existing e-mail marketing measures at any time. The continued use of AppLike remains unaffected by this concern. In case of cancellation, please contact

Your Rights as a affected

You have the right to receive information about the data stored about you at any time. Upon presentation of the respective requirements, you may also be entitled to the correction of incorrect data, as well as the blocking and deletion of data.

Should you wish to receive information about the personal data stored on your person, if you would like to assert your other rights or if you have any questions about data protection, you can either contact us by mail AppLike GmbH, Stresemannstraße 22769 Hamburg or by e-mail put.

Changes to this privacy policy

We always keep this privacy policy up to date. Therefore, we reserve the right to change it from time to time and to make changes in the collection, processing or use of your data. The current version of the privacy policy is always available under the heading "Contact" within the app.