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In-app video placement

We recommend games to our users through video ads placed as a content in our app AppLike. A maximum of 10 games are recommended to our users based on their social and app usage data.


Fact: Video creatives have a 3x higher Click-Through-Rate than static banners.

Gender and age targeting

We collect the age and gender data of our users, which is shared directly by them. Based on your focus audience we can bring you only those users that you want to target.


Fact: Targeting your niche audience can increase your ROI by 300%! 

A/B test of target groups

We do A/B testing for various demographic groups and share all the insights with you. You can use this data to further optimize your UA activities with AppLike and your other publishers.


Fact: A/B testing helps our partners to identify low-/high-performing groups and adjust budgets and CPIs accordingly.


App usage targeting

We target users based on specific games they are currently playing. Simply send us the name of the app you would like to target and we will bring those users for you!


Fact: Retention and ROI are up to 60% higher with app targeting campaigns in comparison with no app targeting campaigns.

Long-term reward model

We achieve 35% higher D7 retention and 20% higher D30 retention by rewarding our users for spending more time in your game. We never reward for app install or events accomplished. 


Fact: The chances of an in-app purchase increase by 80%, if user retention is maintained by day 14. 

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