AppLike’s BI-Team is the “Brain of AppLike” – not our words 😉 We take care that UA can invest the budgets smartly, that Sales knows which partners currently need most attention and that backend features are developed with enough business insight. Furthermore we take care that the tech-integration of partner APIs, tracking of campaigns, and similar external connections run smoothly. Finally since we’re currently only mathematicians, we are also geometry and probability central, balancing games for iOS or discussing random point clouds over coffee with backend developers. 

Our team consists of:

  • Marc: A math PhD with hacker skills, who enjoys explaining business, tech or mathematical theory until you go “aah!”, and has a foot in every team’s door.

  • Dominik: As a total newcomer Dominik held down the fort BI alone with no compromise on quality. The reliable rock of AppLike BI will finish every task quickly, thoroughly and with a smile 🙂

If you’re a passionate coder who wants to extend her business smarts, a business person who wants to finally use and develop her coding passion and skills or maybe like the current team natural scientists, who happen to know code as well as business and one or the other machine learning and AI approach, we’ll welcome you with open arms and hearts 🙂 There’s always a lot to do and as one of the small teams in AppLike, we make sure to stick together on our projects. We’re BI – soon, so are you! 🙂 

Meet the teams!

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